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Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

At The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital each client is treated as an individual and receives and assessment to ensure that any programme is designed specifically for their needs. This may involve: improving the quality of movement to maximise independence and recovery following a stroke or head injury; top up or the development of skill following spinal cord injury; or maintaining movements, joint range and posture in more progressive conditions.

Neurological problems are often complex and may benefit from an assessment by an inter-disciplinary team of specialist consultants, nurses, occupational therapists as well as physiotherapists. This assessment considers the management of the whole person including an assessment of functional independence. 

We also provide support, education and personal community integration plans to enable you to manage your needs more effectively

  • Bowel and bladder management 
  • Calliper training Driving assessments and lessons 
  • Fertility advice 
  • Functional electrical stimulation 
  • Hydrotherapy 
  • Mobilisation after surgery 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Psychological counselling 
  • Skills honing and top-up rehabilitation
  • Speech and language therapy 
  • Splinting 
  • Teaching activities for daily living 
  • Anti-gravity and body weight supported treadmills 
  • Wheelchair and cushion assessments 
  • Wound and pressure care

A Multi-Disciplinary Team

Patients are admitted under the care of one of our specialist consultants. A multi-disciplinary team, with specialist expertise in rehabilitation, will then co-ordinate the care of the patient. Every patient also has a named key worker, who is the principal liaison for the patient, family and the care team.


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Our Treatments

We are able to deal with possible complications that may arise from patient conditions and provide top-up rehabilitation on an on-going basis.

Innovative Technology

We have access to the latest technologies and a wide variety of rehabilitation locations, from our Therapy Department, to patients’ rooms, or even the patient’s home environment.