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Putting people first, it’s a simple statement but one that ensures that we design our services and facilities around the needs of the people that matter most.

Our reach extends beyond the traditional, we dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence across a broad spectrum of delivery including our neuro care division, with The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital and the Kings Lodge Centre for Complex Needs, forming the hub of our Intensive Caring facilities.

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The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital is a purpose-built hospital designed by Florence Nightingale, and it is our mission to provide the best possible care to all our patients. We believe each patient is unique and we strive to respect their wishes and individuality, as well as their unique rehabilitative needs. Our highly-qualified staff are well-versed on the newest technologies and rehabilitation techniques, in order to give our patients the tools for a more fulfilling life.



Where Rehab Takes Place

Our top rehab facilities are a world reference, and are equipped with the best and newest rehabilitation equipment. They were rebuilt with our patients needs in mind, and can accommodate the rehabilitation of a huge variety of disabilities and neurological injuries.

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A Rich History in Healthcare

“It will be the most beautiful hospital in England” Florence Nightingale

  • The Birth of The Buckinghamshire Hospital

    In response to the cholera epidemic, a group of prominent…

  • Planning the expansion of The Buckinghamshire Hospital

    By 1850 the hospital was too small and a building…

  • Plans are drawn and fundraising began

    Sir Harry led the appeal and his sister-in-law, Florence Nightingale,…

  • The Rothschild family brings innovation

    When the Rothschild family came to Aylesbury, they assisted with…

  • Queen Victoria gives the Hospital Royal Assent

    After treating people from all walks of life, including Royalty,…

  • No longer the Main Hospital for the town of Aylesbury

    The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital was the main hospital for the…

  • The expansion becomes a full rebuild

    Plans for expansion were changed to a complete rebuild. In…

  • The Hospital is formally open to the public

    In June 1862, it was formally opened, and began treating…

  • The Royal Bucks Becomes a Grade II listed building

    In 1992 the hospital gained its status as a Grade…

  • The empty building is sold by the NHS

    The hospital stood empty for a few years until 1994…

  • Extensive modernisation of the facilities

    During this time, the Hospital was extensively modernised, with new…

  • A New Life with the
 Affinity Group

    The Hospital was purchased by the Affinity Group in March…

  • Now a Part of The Buckinghamshire Group

    With The Kings Lodge, Affinity Training and Home Care Angels…

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