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MindPod is the world’s first immersive neuro-animation experience for adult patients and healthy individuals. This digital therapeutic solution focuses on brain repair and targets motor and cognitive rehabilitation. It enables people to train complex exploratory movements of the upper extremity in an engaging animated gaming environment that tracks movements. The platform has been developed in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the USA and has demonstrated efficacy in sub-acute stroke rehabilitation and as a form of exercise for the healthy elderly.


  • The MindPod trains movements and cognition with a high-intensity and high-dose of non-task oriented training.
  • Patients feel empowered and motivated to perform exploratory movements with its unique immersive quality and visual design.
  • It trains upper body movements using a combination of animated gaming environments, audio feedback and movement tracking.
  • Using MindPod doubles the effectiveness of a conventional rehabilitation in the upper limbs during the sub-acute phase as recently reported in a study.
  • The rehabilitation sessions using MindPod can be conducted either in a seated or standing position.
  • The system is compatible with the use of a gravity support vest to help patients with arm weakness and encourage them to complete the fine-motor control training.


The MindPod benefits a population of adults such as healthy older people and patients who have experienced neurological diseases requiring the training of residual cognitive function and for upper limb rehabilitation. The solution can be used in the acute, sub-acute or chronic stages of the disease. MindPod enables patients to access a neurorestorative intensive program for individuals who have not fully recovered their arm after a brain injury or stroke.


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