MindMotion PRO

MindMotion PRO is available as part of our Occupational Therapy programme, it is integrated with MindMotion technologies providing intensive therapeutic rehabilitation. This is supported through evidence-based motor rehabilitation treatment exercises such as action observation, mirror therapy, motor imagery and constraint-induced movement therapy. The MindMotion PRO aims at increasing neural activity within the affected brain.


  • Rehabilitate through a virtual environment which can be tailored to your preference and needs, encouraging you to enjoy and gain the most you can from your therapy session.
  • You can monitor your performance through real-time multisensory feedback as well as receiving a post-session analysis.
  • The user can either be sitting, standing or lying down as MindMotion’s highly accurate motion capture sensors can adapt to your environment.


Those affected by spinal cord injury or have suffered from neurological impairments such as a stroke can benefit from the MindMotion PRO. The interactive virtual environment assists the user to regain functionality within the movements of their arm, wrist and hand.