The SaeboFlex is a custom fabricated wrist, hand and finger orthosis, it uses a series of springs which trigger from muscle tension, that allows the user to develop functionality in their hand. Over time as the user progresses in their rehabilitation the resistance within the springs can be either increased or decreased.


  • Allows the user’s hand to remain in a functional position.
  • Has a dynamic component that allows grasp and release tasks to be accomplished through a thumb and finger extension.
  • A variety of sized digit caps to prevent flexion at the fingertips, this allows a proper grasp to occur.
  • It has extension springs which extend the fingers to allow grasping, this is possible through various grades of extension resistance to address all levels of spasticity.


The Saeboflex is a device that can benefit those affected from spinal cord injury and neurological impairments such as as a stroke, it helps incorporate functionality into their hand which can assist them to become more independent in therapy or at home.