Tyrosolution Tymo

The Tymo therapy plate is designed to treat the arms, torso and lower extremities in various positions. It allows the patient to play games that help improve balance, posture and core strength which are all needed to support the use of the arms and hands.


  • The ability to achieve a high number of repetitions – more intensive therapy can lead to quicker gains.
  • Forced use of the affected area – in conventional therapy it may be harder for the patient to mobilise an injured limb, particularly if this is painful.
  • Use of visual or auditory cues to guide the patient and keep them engaged.
    An external instead focus of attention (instead of an internal focus) to make the exercise less arduous.
  • Targeted progression as difficulty is increased in relation to individual patient goals.
  • Goals can be pre-demined and registered with the computer so the patients is visually and acoustically aware of their performance target for the session and overall goal.
  • The virtual reality of the computer system compensates for the lack of relevance to everyday situations, making the exercise more relevant and enjoyable.
  • High motivation and the ‘fun factor’ due to serious gaming.


Tyrosolution provides holistic rehabilitation for the upper limbs for patients with various conditions such as spasticity, hypertension, bio-mechanical and musculoskeletal deficits. The system is beneficial for the treatment of associated problems such as restrictions of postural control, balance and cognition.