Spinal Pathway

With our highly specialist medical and nursing team, we support patients at every stage of their recovery journey which including those that are not yet able to participate in active rehabilitation or still require ongoing intensive support. Our medical and nursing team have had extensive experience working within spinal and neuro services so are adept at managing individuals with particularly complex presentations.

How Can Rehabilitation Help?

Rehabilitation can assist someone to adjust to the more permanent effects of their spinal cord injury and develop new skills, or train themselves, family and personal assistants to optimise their independence and quality of life within those limitations. We provide a comprehensive, specialised, interdisciplinary rehabilitation service that equips patients with the skills, knowledge and information for them to return to their role in society with the highest feasible level of functioning, independence and opportunity.

Treatment And Services

Patients are admitted under the care of a specialist consultant in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. An Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) with specialist expertise in rehabilitation co-ordinate the care of the patient, and every patient has a named key worker. The key worker is the principal liaison for the patient, family and IDT.

Interdisciplinary meetings evaluate a patient’s progress and adapt goal-setting accordingly. We provide an on-going assessment of a patient’s progress in their abilities and level of independence in daily activities (i.e. dressing, walking etc). Individuals must be medically stable and able to participate in, and benefit from an intensive rehabilitation programme as their condition allows.

The Team

Our spinal rehabilitation pathway is a consultant-led service encompassing input from a range of therapy professionals and specialist nurses. As well as the physical elements of rehabilitation, there is an emphasis on psychological and social rehabilitation. The majority of patients with a spinal cord injury have been through a traumatic event and often require intensive psychological support to help them overcome this.


At The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital we have access to some of the leading technology for rehabilitation including:

  • Exoskeletons
  • Functional electronic stimulation
  • Virtual reality

Technology-based therapy is one of many options available as part of our therapeutic rehabilitation programmes and as part of our inpatient programmes, each individual would be assessed to identify any specific technology that may be beneficial to them.


We require a referral letter from the patient’s GP or hospital consultant that should include:

  • Medical history
  • Medication history
  • Details on previous

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