Seating & Mobility

The provision of the correct seating requirements which maintain good posture, meet any pressure needs and meet the mobility needs of an individual is essential to ensure effective and efficient performance in mobility and all aspects of a person’s daily life.

At the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital we run a weekly Seated Mobility Clinic. This is usually held on a Tuesday afternoon. The purpose of the clinic is to assess an individual for seated mobility and posture requirements and make recommendations for any equipment that you may require. This may include a wide variety of equipment such as standing facilities, powered chairs, all terrain access or sports wheelchairs.

Our Process

During the assessment we will first gather personal, pertinent information such as height, weight, details of injury and associated disabilities and details about your home and/or work leisure circumstances and your usual routines. This information helps to set the scene. We will then gather other information such as measurements across your hips and leg length. This information is useful for determining the size of any equipment e.g. wheelchair. We will also review your seated posture, drawing pictures of how you are sitting. This helps to determine if any special seating equipment is required to ensure that you sit with a good posture and that this posture is maintained. We will also undertake a review of your pressure areas, undertaking specific assessment using specialist tools. This is instrumental in prescribing the correct pressure cushion that you may require.

Following the assessment we will make recommendations for the type of equipment which we believe will best suit your needs. You can then have the opportunity to trial the items from our range of assessment chairs and cushions. If we don’t have anything in stock, we will endeavour to source the items as soon as possible for you to trial.

We will also complete a formal report of the assessments and if necessary for UK residents we can complete a prescription form for your Local Authority Wheelchair Services in order for equipment to be obtained in this way.