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Private GP & Health Clinic in Aylesbury

High quality, personal support, for current health concerns and to ensure your future wellbeing is protected.

Dr Basel Chamali - Private GP

Dr Basel Chamali

General Practitioner

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Blood pressure reading on monitor
Young woman feeling knee due to pain

Prompt and Timely Care

Effective healthcare should begin with removing stress, by allowing you to see an experienced doctor quickly, at a time of your choosing.

An ongoing issue can be supported, a fresh condition diagnosed. On the spot treatment may be feasible, a prescription, or immediate referral to a specialist.

Apart from being able to fit medical care with your life, privacy and discretion are assured. You can also see the GP of your choice again whenever you wish.

With a private GP appointment, you are the focus, with ample time to discuss and get to the root of any concerns.

Conditions requiring care are treated promptly, saving discomfort and speeding recovery. Your future health is always considered, as part of broad ranging support.

A Comprehensive Service

A good GP is a point of primary support, for advice and personal care across a range of needs, which can include:

  • All normal GP services
  • DVLA & other medicals
  • Treating skin conditions
  • Travel clinic/vaccinations
  • Managing infections
  • Women’s health checks
  • Treating pain & injury
  • Men’s health checks
  • Minor surgical care
  • Discrete STI screenings
  • Same day referrals to a specialist consultant
  • Referrals for MRI, ultrasound, x-ray and blood tests
Surgical bed for examination

The finest equipment helps

Blood test for health screening
Ultrasound scan on screen

Personalised Health Screening

Understanding health risks which may be building up is important and empowering. The knowledge you gain can bring valuable early treatment, or helpful lifestyle changes.

Whilst health screening is there to protect the future, you also have the opportunity to discuss subtle changes you may have noticed, or family medical history.

Scientific analysis will help to identify cardiovascular risks and other unseen conditions, although screening should be personal.

The elements chosen can be adjusted to meet your needs, or wishes. Prior discussion and a follow up consultation will create a personalised action plan for optimal health.

Arranging To Visit A Private GP

Appointments with our private GPs are available to everyone, aged 4, to 104. There is no need to be registered with our Buckinghamshire hospital, or live locally.

You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will call you, or use the phone number on the form to call us.

Our reception team will take time to understand your needs, before arranging a visit to suit, normally same day if you wish.

Should you have insurance which covers a GP visit, we can in most cases invoice. Where you are paying directly, the cost for a 30 minute consultation is £125.

Any additional costs will always be discussed. They could apply if you are referred for an MRI scan, or to a consultant, or for other agreed decisions to support your health.

Receptionist answering phone call

Personal advice is offered throughout

Our Resident Private GP

Dr Chamali is welcoming and highly experienced. Offering his patients sound diagnosis and treatment, along with individual care focused on their future health

Dr Basel Chamali - Private GP

Dr Basel Chamali

General Practitioner

The chief virtue that language can have is clarity and nothing detracts from this so much as the use of unfamiliar words.


Our Facilities

Our patients and the people who care for them deserve the finest facilities, for diagnostics, treatment, or surgery and to aid recovery.

Technician checking x-rays

In house X-ray and MRI

Swift access to x-ray, MRI and ultrasound allows symptoms to be investigated without delay. Bringing our patients peace of mind, or the early treatment that many medical conditions benefit from.

Patient in operating theatre

State of the Art Theatres

All our surgical theatres have been refurbished and fitted with the latest equipment. An ideal environment for surgical consultants and designed to bring high levels of safety, to protect patients.

Nurse in patient's room

Beautiful Private Rooms

Feeling comfortable during a hospital stay is a pleasure and an aid to recovery. The reason our patients are provided with private, en-suite rooms, freshly prepared meals and dedicated nursing care.

Physio working on patient's shoulder

Physio Aiding Recovery

Physiotherapy is recognised for the value this can bring after injury, or trauma. There is also a close link with surgery, where our skilled physios can play an important role in post surgical recovery..

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