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Member of the Akessa Healthcare Group of hospitals

The Royal Bucks Neurological & Spinal Rehabilitation Centre

A world leading facility, dedicated to recovery from life changing events, or disabling medical conditions.

Therapy gym at Royal Bucks rehabilitation centre

Who We Treat

Physio and patient discussing therapy

Each patient’s needs are unique, brought on by sudden spinal damage, stroke, brain injury, or neurological conditions:.

Individual Pathways

Applied Science

Support from staff during virtual reality therapy

Recovery from debilitating conditions is led by the courage of our patients, with modern science offering assistance:

Advanced Technology

Personal Support

Occupational therapy in training kitchen

The nature of specialist rehabilitation means working closely with patients and sharing in their commitment to succeed:

About Our Centre
Eksoskeleton walking suit in use
Electronic screen on bike

Bespoke Rehabilitation

A thorough assessment take place before admission, at our centre, virtually, or through a home visit. This includes personal needs, safety and a timetable for therapy, a written report is shared.

Family involvement is welcome if our patient wishes and the report, along with an offer letter can be forwarded to funding authorities. Part of preparing for support which is individual from the first days:

  • The rehab team they will work with are introduced to our patient.
  • Nursing assessment, care planning and a timetable are completed.
  • Goals and frequency of meetings are agreed with a case manager.

Assessment is an ongoing process, with therapy, other treatment and goals continually updated. Review meetings can include applications for additional funding, or any requirement to move forward.

A Complete Solution

Patient care and safety are supported by 24/7 nursing care and resident medical officers covering the same hours. Respiratory support is available, along with the facilities of a modern hospital in the same building.

Our hospital staff are proud of the rehabilitation centre’s work and pleased to assist. The same applies to a range of consultants, including those who work directly with the rehab centre’s facilities:

  • A comprehensive array of cutting edge rehabilitation equipment.
  • Spacious gym and physio areas, along with a hydrotherapy pool.
  • Comfortable, private rooms and fresh cuisine prepared on site..

Alongside exceptional facilities, there is a staff team who are always on hand to help, or advise. Neither is there a need to be apart from family, or friends, with open visiting and well equipped guest accommodation.

Patient and therapist in hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy is a pleasure and brings freedom to exercise

Conversation between two patients

An Inclusive Ethos

There are few medical barriers to patients and costs can be met through medical insurance, self payment, solicitors, or insurance companies. Inpatient and outpatient support are both important to us.

We will always be honest with our patients, value their independence and treat them with integrity. Making progress together is at the heart of what we do and best achieved through open relationships.

Those tend to last beyond a patient’s time at the Royal Bucks. Referrals and recommendations for the future can be made, facilities organised at home to enhance quality of life in the community.

Inpatients may become outpatients, or other follow up be organised. Our team understand the commitment required from a patient to meet their goals and work with them for however long they wish.

Medical Referrals

Referring patients to the Royal Bucks Rehabilitation Centre in Aylesbury brings access to high quality treatment, from staff who work with them and you to build a better future.

The Akessa Healthcare Group

The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital in Buckinghamshire is part of a group of leading medical facilities including:

The Maxillofacial Clinic, 107 Harley Street

A centre for the treatment of oral and facial conditions.

The New Foscote Hospital, Banbury

A creator of clinical excellence in private healthcare.

Exterior view of Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital
Main entrance to The New Foscote Hospital
Front door of 107 Harley Street

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