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Inpatient Information

Patients are made welcome, in an environment designed to reduce stress and provide exceptional medical care.

A private hospital room with fresh towels and gown

Pre-Operative Assessment

The majority of people admitted as an inpatient will require pre-operative assessment, normally about a week before admission.

This traditionally took place with a nurse at the hospital but there is now a time saving, digital alternative. Your pre-operative questionnaire can be completed online, using the Lifebox app.

A secure account will be set up for each patient, for the questionnaire and to share access to your medical images, or procedural information.

Cases can arise where assessment still takes place at our hospital, or you may prefer the option. There could also be a need to attend for further blood tests, or imaging, although this is quite unusual.

A high proportion of assessments are completed online and we offer any support you need. Our patients tend to like the system, due to ease of use, accuracy and shared information, with no appointment needed.

A nurse takes a patient's blood pressure
Taking a blood sample for testing

Travel & Parking

Our hospital is in a tree lined enclave, near the centre of Aylesbury. If you are driving, entering the postcode HP19 9AB in your sat nav will help, or click on the icon on the map to see directions from Google.

Please bear in mind that if you are undergoing sedation, you should not drive for 24 hours. Should you be coming alone and not live close by, a train to Aylesbury station and a short taxi ride is an option.

Where you are being driven by a family member, or friend, they are welcome to use the car park directly outide the hospital.

Disabled parking spaces are available, should any assistance be needed, please ask at reception. Our hospital is naturally wheelchair accessible, with ample space to access almost all areas.

What To Bring With You

  • Documentation

    • Your GP referral letter (where this applies).
    • If payment is through insurance, you must bring your insurer’s details and authorisation code for your case.
  • Personal Items

    Toiletries, slippers, dressing gown and nightwear are supplied for our patients. You are still welcome to bring your own if you prefer to do so.

  • Medication

    Where you are currently taking any type of medication, you should bring this with you, in the original packaging.

A patient consulting their doctor
Surgeons in discussion outside theatre
Parking spaces at The Royal Bucks
Staff speaking with a patient on the phone

Arrival & Admission

Please register at reception on arrival, where our staff will ensure any required admin is taken care of, before a nurse shows you to your private, well equipped room.

Your nurse will explain the facilities available in your room and within the hospital, make sure you are comfortable, then take you through the formal admission procedure.

Although you will have completed a pre-operative assessment, they may still ask a few health related questions to ensure clarity. Your consultant and anaesthetist will visit before treatment begins.

Should there be points you wish to discuss with your consultant, or anaesthetist, simply let the nurse know. This can ensure the right information has been checked in advance.

All our team work together, to ensure any concerns are answered and our patients feel confident about their treatment.

Supportive Facilities

Our private rooms are comforably furnished and maintained with high levels of cleanliness. Your en-suite bathroom will have an ample supply of towels and toiletries.

Each room has a high quality medical bed, television with freeview, a direct dial phone and a desk. The environment is peaceful and support is always at hand.

A call bell will alert nursing staff if you need them. A Resident Medical Officer is available in house at all times, with your health and wellbeing our primary focus.

A good dietary choice is offered, with meals freshly prepared on site by an experienced chef. Hot and cold drinks are available at any time.

Visitors can attend throughout much of the day. They are welcome to tea, or coffee, or at a moderate cost, to join you in a delicious meal.

A chef prepares fresh food in the kitchen
A nurse replaces pillows in a private hospital room
Patient in operating theatre
Staff discuss a file

After Treatment Or Surgery

In most cases, you will be brought back to your room for recovery and checked regularly. Should you be in discomfort, or have any concerns please make your nurse aware, or use your bedside call bell.

If you wish, your partner, or a relative can wait in your room for you to return after surgery. Your consultant will normally visit later that day, or on the morning following surgery.

Once your consultant and other staff involved in your care are satisfied that you are recovering well, you can be discharged and return home.

Before you leave, verbal and written information about any medication, or special care needed is provided. Follow up appointments will normally be arranged, or confirmed later by letter.

Should you require a taxi to return home, please ask your nurse, or reception. A staff member will be pleased to assist with carrying your possessions, or offer any other support you need.

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