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Patient Case Studies

How the courage and determination of individual patients led them to restore their lives at our rehabilitation centre.

Recovering patient running in grounds

Rugby Spinal Injury

Injured rugby player

A collision ended a professional player’s career and far more, until his commitment brought a path to recovery:

Michael’s Story

Light Aircraft Crash

Crashed aircraft in field

A careless pilot led to our patient’s business and social life being curtailed but he was determined to return to both:

Andrew’s Story

Hit By a Falling Tree

Fallen tree on road

A gust of wind brought a tree crashing down on a consultant surgeon, who wanted to get back to the career he loved:

Mohammed’s Story
Speech and language therapist using on screen training
Physio treating patient's arm

Learning From Our Patients

Acceptance of what has taken place can be difficult, as is moving on from this to focus on the future. Our patients constantly teach us that the strength to do so is a wonderful asset for recovery.

Take a look at the cases above and you will see they are quite different people who chose to move forward, nor did they do so alone.

  • Family and friends matter, to give support and share your vision.
  • So does professional help, which looks beyond damage control.
  • Advances in technology are a powerful aid and should be explored.

However many rehabilitation case studies you read, they will not be the same as your needs, or those of someone you care about. The core ethos of success will still be the same.

Medical & Legal Referrals

Our centre helps a wide range of people, who inspire us every day. Should you be advising a patient who might join them, you are welcome to get in touch with our Aylesbury Rehabilitation Centre.

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