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For Patients & Visitors

Whether with us for therapy, or supporting those who are, knowledge reduces stress.

Main entrance at Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital
Speech and language therapist using on screen training
Swimming in hydrotherapy pool

Being Informed Matters

From the day you first contact us, through assessment, therapy and aftercare, you need to be informed. Decisions are easier, you are able to focus on treatment to come.

  • A consistent focus

    Effective communication relies on good internal dialogue. The reason our team work closely together, to share information and ensure they have an accurate picture.

  • From everyone you meet

    Empowering all our staff to talk with and support their patients creates a helpful atmosphere. Answers are forthcoming, rather than needing to wait for others.

  • Offering clarity

    Being vague, or relying on scientific jargon are not helpful to anyone. Clear information is of more value, particularly when sharing medical details with you.

Working on assisted motion with physio

For Inpatients

The facilities at our centre, items you might choose to bring with you and how to book in. Before meeting a team who will make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Staying at our centre
Wheelchair user taking part in Tyromotion therapy

For Outpatients

From travelling to our hospital, to parking and who to contact when you arrive. Whether this is for initial assessment, rehabilitation therapy, or other treatment.

Outpatient therapy
Patient taking part in cognitive virtual therapy

For Visitors

Our liberal visiting hours and helpful visitor liaison with staff are priorities for a reason. We understand the vital part family and friends can play in rehabilitation.

Welcoming visitors

Information is a source of learning but unless it is organized, processed and available in a format for decision making, information is a burden, not a benefit.

William Pollard

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