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Patient Referrals

Our rehabilitation centre accepts medical, legal, case management and self referrals.

Working on assisted motion with physio
Patient walking using full height exoskeleton

Committed staff are the key to good therapy

Medical Referrals

GPs, consultants and other medical professionals regularly refer patients to the Royal Bucks, either with suitable insurance cover, or self funding their care.

We appreciate the level of reliance patients put on your recommendations and that you wish to ensure the right choice is made.

Your patient will be well cared for, at a centre with a fine safety record and facilities. The latest technology is available, as is the support of experienced staff.

You are welcome to visit our centre, or raise any questions by phone, or email. Working with others in the medical field is important to us.

Referrals can be made by email, or a letter to The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Buckingham Road, Aylesbury HP19 9AB. Ongoing communication with you will remain a priority.

Solicitors & Case Managers

Where there is a legal aspect to your case, a solicitor may be representing you, assisting with finding medical support, or arranging payment.

Your solicitor, insurer, doctor, or yourself may have appointed a case manager. An experienced professional who is there to advocate on your behalf and organise suitable care.

Our team share their wish to provide solutions, by supporting each person individually and achieving the best possible outcome for them.

They are welcome to contact us at an early stage for advice, or an opinion on the best route forward. An initial assessment may make sense, along with an idea of future fees.

We consider legal professionals and case managers representing patients to be part of the team supporting them and will always provide clear, up to date information.

Consultant in discussion with a patient

Legal professionals are welcome to visit us

Preparing for workout in hydrotherapy pool

Our hydrotherapy pool allows access to exercise

Self Referrals

Privately insured, or self paying patients are welcome at The Royal Bucks. You can choose to refer now and an initial assessment will be offered, or call us first for advice.

The team you will see, or talk with are specialists in rehabilitation, who work at our centre because of an ethos led by shared achievement.

Inpatient and outpatient support is available, with full access to physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and technological aids. Treatment is well planned, to suit each person’s needs.

Should you need wider medical treatment, perhaps to help take recovery forward, our recently renewed hospital is literally next door.

This can contribute to a return to health, although our focus will always be on your rehabilitation needs. Working alongside you in an individual way and looking to the future.

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