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Outpatient Guide

Outpatients are welcomed at our rehabilitation centre and can access a full range of services.

Physio and patient working on movement
Entering hydrotherapy pool via slider
Electronic screen on bike

Comprehensive Care

In terms of rehabilitative treatment, outpatients are viewed in the same way as inpatients. A proportion of outpatients will have stayed with us for a while and are continuing treatment with identical facilities:

  • Physiotherapy & occupational therapy
  • Exoskeletons & other technology
  • Our on site hydrotherapy pool
  • Speech and language therapy

Aspects of neuropsychology are available, or a wider range of care. The same experienced staff provide individual support, positive outcomes remain as important.

Outpatient therapy is an effective, well planned option, which may suit your personal circumstances.

Travelling & Parking

Our rehabilitation centre is in the heart of Aylesbury. If you visit by car, entering the postcode HP19 9AB in your sat nav will help, or use our location map to see directions from Google.

Should you you are coming by train to Aylesbury station, the hospital is about three quarters of a mile away and taxis are readily available.

Free car parking is provided at the front of the hospital building. Disabled parking spaces are in place, offering easy access to reception and the rehabilitation centre.

If you need any assistance to leave your car, or to enter the hospital, please come to the reception desk, or phone us from outside. Our staff will be pleased to help.

Wheelchair access is naturally available and the entire hospital offers quite reasonable passage to any area you will visit.

Parking spaces at The Royal Bucks
Royal Bucks car park location
Technology assisting with hand movement
Bionic suit on chair

Organising Therapy

Procedures are similar whether an inpatient, or outpatient. You can self refer to our centre, be referred by your doctor, an insurance company, legal advisers, or a case manager.

Where you are coming to us a new patient, a pre admission assessment is likely to be needed, at our centre, your home, or possibly online.

A written report is provided, which includes an outline therapy program. This is useful for you to consider and can be shared with your family, or other professionals who are advising you.

When you first attend, you will be introduced to staff you will work with. Over time, your therapy program can widen in scope as progress is made and opportunites evolve.

Rehabilitation therapy is an organic process and our team will analyse each step you take. They offer tailored advice, to ensure your time with us is effective.

A Welcoming Ethos

Our patients are naturally welcome and so are those accompanying them. There may be times when they attend a therapy session, or there are comfortable waiting areas, with free tea and coffee.

Everyone coming to us has much they wish to achieve and their therapy can be quite intensive. This can still take place in an environment which is sociable and relaxed.

If you wish to bring a few magazines, a book, or pad for a break between sessions, by all means do. Every facility you need will be there, from changing space, to guest WiFi.

The objectives of your therapy take centre stage, although they tend to be better achieved in a place where you feel you belong.

People who have moved forward with us drop in to see our team. For a coffee, or to discuss ongoing developments and a future which we wish to share in.

Training through assisted movement
Occupational therapist and patient in kitchen

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