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Innovative Technology

Staying updated on the newest therapy equipment is a big concern for us at The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital. We want to provide the best possible care, and to make sure we do everything in our power to help our patients. That means investing in the most innovative equipment, and introducing it as part of our rehabilitation programmes.

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Helping Muscle Mobility

​At The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital​ we invest in the most recent and innovative technology to help in the physiotherapy programmes of our patients. Our experienced physiotherapists know how to make the most of our equipment to help our patients reach their full potential.

Ekso GT Bionic Suit

A wearable robot that helps individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness to stand up and walk with a natural, fully weight bearing gait.

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AlterG Anti Gravity

A treadmill with unique unweighting technology that reduces the impact of walking or running while the body goes through the healing process.

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This functional electric stimulating bike uses transcutaneous electric current to initiate muscle contractions of paralysed lower limbs.

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This device helps you walk with greater speed and stability by delivering electrical stimulation to activate nerves and muscles that lift the foot.

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Standing Facilities

Standing facilities are a series of devices that help injured people achieve verticalisation, posture relief, and eye contact in communication, amongst others.

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Helping Improve Fine Motor Skills

Rehabilitation of an injury is a long process that requires full commitment from both patient and staff. At The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, we rely on highly trained medical staff, specialised in recovery, and on the latest technology.

Tyrosolution Pablo

This device is an interactive way for the patients to access their current movements and show this visually, so they can see their goals

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Tyrosolution Tymo

The Tymo is a therapy plate, designed to treat the arms, torso and lower extremities in various positions to improve stability and balance.

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The SaeboFlex gives patients suffering from neurological impairments the ability to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy.

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Bioness H200

The H200 stimulates the appropriate nerves and muscles of the forearm and hand and helps to re-educate weak or paralysed muscles.

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Our Treatments

We are able to deal with possible complications that may arise from patient conditions and provide top-up rehabilitation on an on-going basis.

Innovative Technology

We have access to the latest technologies and a wide variety of rehabilitation locations, from our Therapy Department, to patients’ rooms, or even the patient’s home environment.