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Spinal Rehabilitation

A prominent UK centre for recovery from spinal cord injuries, focusing on individual therapy.

Patient walking using full height exoskeleton
Exoskeleton therapy with staff support

Taking An All Round View

Spinal cord injury often arises from sudden events, perhaps a traffic accident, sporting injury, or assault. Lost mobility can understandably be the first concern, although other issues tend to follow.

Medical symptoms can include bowel and bladder control, or infections and in the longer term, pressure ulcers, muscle stiffness, thrombosis, or other pulmonary, or cardiovascular problems.

This is why our initial assessment is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, with further assessment after patients arrive.

Planning the best route to recovery is our primary focus and plans are made more effective by taking an holistic view. Ensuring that medical, personal and psychological needs are met.

Our patients can then concentrate on the effort they wish to make and the opportunities available, from modern technology, to a fine team who work with them.

Technological Assistance

Patients come to our centre for a variety of reasons and the equipment we offer can assist with many shared issues. Mobility and allied symptoms are often part of rehab, whatever the cause.

There are still therapy areas which are likely to be valuable for spinal cord damage, often working alongside team members:

  • A range of exoskeleton types
  • An in house hydrotherapy pool
  • Assisted movement appliances

Each help people to return to movement, even where this seems wholly restricted. Step patterns and weight bearing can be relearned, confidence is built to achieve more.

Other aspects of technology could also be used, to achieve a standing position, or to provide electrical muscle stimulation.

Exercise session on RT300 therapy machine

Accessible hydrotherapy

Walking in full size exoskeleton
Conversation from wheelchair

Direct Physical Therapy

Physiotherapists with significant experience of spinal injuries will be at the centre of your support. Whether guiding you on the use of a bionic suit, or in a more direct way.

Our technology can in some ways offer more than humans alone, yet this applies the other way around. So much can be achieved by tailored, hands on exercise support.

Sessions can simply be on a gym floor, or treatment table, or be a mix of standard physiotherapy and available technology.

Our wheelchair accessible hydrotherapy pool provides a fine environment for free movement. The same applies to anti gravity facilities, or supportive apparatus.

Physiotherapy that you experience is designed to be engaging, through the activities themselves and the progress this allows you to make as each session unfolds.

A Personal Programme

There is no such thing as a standard spinal injury, apart from being complete, or incomplete to varying degrees, they have unique effects on each person’s life.

Improving the quality of movement to maximise independence is the primary aim. There could still be elements of occupational therapy which will help, for general or individual activities.

Better upper body function is often important, learning the best way to use a standing chair, or wheelchair, or to cease using one.

Education for you, or your family can be part of recovery, including how to continue making progress at home. A significant part of our emphasis is on successfully re-entering your community.

A dedicated programme of therapy designed for you can achieve this, alongside your commitment to the future. We are constantly surprised by people’s levels of motivation and delighted to support them.

Wheelchair user taking part in Tyromotion therapy

Machine assisted movement

Our Facilities

Our patients and the people who care for them deserve the finest facilities, to ensure effective rehabilitation.

Technician studying head scans on screen

An adjacent hospital

The Royal Bucks rehabilitation centre is separate, although having our hospital in the same building can be helpful. A state of the art facility, with around 60 consultants covering every aspect of medicine.

Patient taking part in cognitive virtual therapy

Advanced technology

Our centre is amongst the best equipped in Europe, with an anti-gravity facility based on NASA designs, varying types of exoskeleton, laser therapy and high tech aids for neurological rehabilitation.

Physio and patient in hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy pool

An 8.5 metre pool heated to 34 centigrade, with resistance jets for exercise and a jet massage. The pool provides accessibility for all, with slides and hoists built in and is supported by experienced staff .

Physiotherapist supporting patient

Skilled Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is recognised for the value this is able to bring after trauma, or surgery. Where longer term conditions apply, our physios are leaders in the field and play an important role in recovery.

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