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Private Blood Tests

Blood tests remain one of the most important diagnostic tools in medicine. Our team in Aylesbury ensure prompt access and results, to set aside concerns, or bring an effective treatment plan.

Taking a blood sample for testing
A nurse takes a patient's blood pressure

Independent Private Hospital

Vital Testing For Your Health

Blood testing is the most wide ranging of all medical tests. This can identify infections, genetic conditions, or aspects of overall health.

Measuring organ function is a key use for blood tests, for your heart, liver and kidneys. Thyroid disease can be traced, diabetes risk, low vitamin levels, or anaemia.

Our facility to analyse blood tests on site helps you and your consultant to understand how conditions are affecting your health, or to diagnose others which were unknown.

What seems a simple, common test is in reality a significant part of medicine. Leading to diagnosis and treatment which are timely, accurate and bring recovery.

Most of us have undergone blood tests and we tend to treat them as just part of life. They are also a critical part of making sure that life is lived healthily.

A blood test can be for peace of mind, or recommended by a doctor. We make sure you get results fast, as well as all the advice and information you need to understand what the results mean.

Dr Sapna Sharma

General Practitioner

A nurse prepares to take a patient's blood

We accept both insured & self-pay patients

Why Choose The Royal Bucks?

A blood test is a valuable tool but only part of the story. You also need the advice of a clinical expert, to explain what the results mean and advise on any further tests, or treatment.

With all major medical departments in house and staffed by leading consultants, our response is prompt. Time is saved, which matters for most medical conditions.

Where your blood test is related to treatment, this is able to commence and bring improvement. Allowing an important test to contribute positively to the health of our patients.

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