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Private Ultrasound

From diagnosis, to guiding procedures, the ultrasound unit at our Aylesbury hospital plays a vital role.

A nurse preparing for an ultrasound scan
A consultant and a nurse convers in a patient's room
A patient consulting their doctor

Prompt Access To Answers

You may hear ultrasound scans being called sonography, because sound waves are used to produce detailed images of a range of structures within your body.

Having the ability to provide this on site is helpful to our patients and their consultants. They value the insight these images produce on muscles, joints, soft tissue and organs.

Your scan may at times be carried out by a consultant, or by a member of staff who focuses on ultrasound. They will explain the procedure and make sure you are comfortable.

Although other scans are available, such as MRI, ultrasound can be the best option for certain conditions, used externally, or internally.

The approach is also entirely painless and safe. There is no exposure to radiation, no known side effects, or pain. A relatively pleasant and integral part of accurate diagnosis.

Radiology Consultants

Our consultant radiologists are highly experienced and supported by a dedicated team of technicians.

Dr Raj Chari

Dr Raj Chari

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist

Dr Matthew Train

Dr Matthew Train

Consultant Radiologist

Ultrasound can be used as a diagnostic tool, or to guide procedures like pain relief injections. Whether your ultrasound is diagnostic, or part of your treatment, our team will support you through the process, so you feel confident and prepared.

Dr Raj Chari

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist

A consultant speaks with a nurse in the hospital corridor
A nurse pushes a patient in a wheelchair down the hospital corridor

Independent Private Hospital

Why Choose The Royal Bucks?

Short waiting times bring peace of mind, or quicker treatment when required, Always delivered with individual care by The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital’s professional team.

  • Exceptional Facilities

    The radiology department has been recently redesigned to provide patients with a relaxing atmosphere, so you feel calm and confident throughout the procedure.

  • Renowned Consultants

    Our hospital is supported by prominent consultants, including leading radiologists, to ensure you receive the best advice, care and treatment.

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